What is WordPress?

WordPress certainly is the most well–known blogging instrument on the web, utilized by a large number of sites visited by hundreds of thousands of men and women every day. It represents an open–source project with numerous volunteers upgrading it all over the world. Steadily, WordPress has expanded from a tiny blog setup instrument into a fully–featured content management system for creating all sorts of web sites.

This incredible web application delivers a whole website setup platform that you can adjust for your special requirements with a couple of mouse clicks. A large number of widgets and plugins increase its functionality to the extent that it could be utilized for practically any kind of web site – from a dog’s homepage to a big business site. And also it’s totally free – there’s no obligation to pay any individual a license fee.

WordPress is a registered trademark of the WordPress Foundation and shares no connection with CyberCooper.

WordPress–Optimized Hosting Services with a Point–and–Click Control Panel

As already pointed out, WordPress is very well–known and today, 1 out of every 4 web sites is run by WordPress. This has stimulated a great interest in good WordPress Linux hosting solutions. And this is why we offer WordPress–optimized Linux hosting services. With CyberCooper, you could have WordPress installed right at sign–up. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a 99.9% uptime guarantee for your web site plus a 24/7 tech support service.

You shall be able to take care of every thing that is related to your web site and also to your domain name from a single place – our very own Web Hosting Control Panel. It’s integrated in all our WordPress–optimized Linux hosting packages. It offers a good amount of applications to aid you in managing your WordPress website. You’ll get a File Manager that offers drag–and–drop file uploads, a Database Manager that allows 1–click database backups to be executed, and many more.

Free WordPress Themes

And with every single WordPress–optimized Linux hosting package, you’ll have access to plenty of free WordPress templates, accessible right inside our Web Hosting Control Panel.

Each of our WordPress web templates is totally cost–free for you to work with as well as to alter in whatever way you would like. You can swiftly add every one of them with your WordPress installation and reconstruct your web site into a portfolio, an online business website, a beauty salon homepage, etc.